Hello everyone!
Welcome to my blog! I’m so delighted to have a space of my own, to put down my thoughts and other happenings around me and the world at large.
I have been thinking of doing this for quite some time now, but I’m at a loss where to begin. Even as I write this, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. Right now, I’m just writing whatever comes to my head. I’m hoping I can rub minds with you and glean some ideas. And also open to receiving posts from you.
A friend of mine suggested to me some weeks ago to write a book when I complained of how bored I was. I thought the idea was fine until I gave it some serious thoughts, then I decided it wasn’t for me. Writing a book is not a piece of cake you know, with all of the intricacies, the pros and cons, maybe I will do that in my next life but definitely not now ‘smiles’. Big ups to you my friend!
So! Here we are! I’m looking forward to having a happy and fruitful time here. I hope to meet your expectations as best as I can while at the same time counting on you to help me along.
Welcome once again!


4 comments on “WELCOME!

  1. Life itself is hill that we either climb or cascade down…. But what we choose to do with it is entirely up to either our sense of creativity… Or our total negligence of it… Where ever this path takes you…. It will always be thumb ups for your efforts

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