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  1. Life is all about being truthful to oneself the greatest lie one can lie is to lie to oneself. The issues and challenges in live and weakness and man’s vunerabilities are all areas God manipulate to remain us of His severeignty for God is strong in our weakness, rich in our poverty, merciful in our sinfulness, and perfect in our errors. God told Pual my Grace is sufficient for you. Why wear mask and pretend before God, you cant be confident of your self righteousness and boost of your unquestionable love for God when God who created you knows your everything detail. He told Peter before the cork crows you have denailed me three times. God love those who are weak, that is those who sincerely acknowledge their weakness; for He is strong when we admit we are weak. Jesus said I will rather have mercy than sacrifice. Take off your mask and be real before God then you will have a sincere relationship with Him

  2. The word of GOD is costlier than fine gold, because the Word of God is GOD Himself. Many think money is more honorable than anything, but the scripture is telling us that God is more honorable, more valuable more important than money, wealth, position, rank, career, and life. God is demanding for all of that from you in exchange to Him. We need understanding to know the value of God over wealth, riches, positions, career, and life. Non of this should compete with God in our lives. Anything you value masters over you, when you regard money; money rules over you, when you regard position of authority it rules over you. You are too precious and valuable to God that He doesn’t want any thing to rule over you except Him. You are worth more than wealth riches and position to let them rule you. Bullshit them they are nothing, give them out to God, people and they will come cruel ling before you. Master over everything except God then you have honored Him. The last thing that was created and the highest thing was man in the eyes of God. Therefore man is expected to worship ( place value) on nothing but God.Him along should be worshiped then you have become honorable before Him. Respect they say is reciprocal; respect God then He will respect you, then that makes you His friend like father Abraham respected Him and offered Him his son and became the friend of God. God is looking for friends, men, and partners to work together with not weaklings compromising for riches, positions and names. BE A FRIEND OF GOD,

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