Standing in line by John Igbinovia

At some point, we all will find ourselves in that place. Time, as we know it, will not really be what concerns us as we wait for our turn. All men will come to that place.

Your number might 38,925 or it might just be 23….but no matter how long it takes, it will be your turn. It will not matter who “pastored” you, or even who fathered you. It will just be about you.

Then your number – or your name will be called….or you will simply know it is your turn, like the myriad of souls around you. The crowd will part to let you go through – or maybe you will step out from the line and make your way to the front. However the case may be, you will eventually come to that place…all men will come to that place.

The judge will look down at you; no man will ever be as great or tall or all encompassing as He is. He will look into your face and you will gaze into GLORY – and at that point, you will know that the Judge knows it all. The things you have never said to anyone, the reasons behind the reasons you give for the actions you take, the evil behind the good that has been done or the good in what was termed to be evil…. He who has seen and knows it all will look into your total nakedness as you stand before him….and you will know that He knows it all.

Maybe HE will ask “why”, though you both will already know why. Maybe HE will listen to you stutter through your explanations. Perhaps, you will try to rationalise why someone else was the reason why certain actions were taken, why you allowed certain failings, maybe attempt to explain, based on “emperical proof” and “firm facts”, why hormones or the dictates of societal “norms” were the reasons for your embrace of evil. Perhaps, infidelity was “unavoidable”, pulling down another to climb was mere “competition”, not following purpose was de-emphasised by “more pressing” needs, and yet, whatever means of communication may be employed on that day as you attempt to explain, you will know that He knows it all.

You will also know that the decision made about you on that “day” will be final with no grey areas – and will be totally irreversible – and  ALL men will come that place.

And when it’s all being said and done, when your life is the movie to be watched by saints, angels and the I AM, may the outcome not be “Depart from me”, because, when it’s all being said and done, ONLY the outcome of that moment will determine if your WHOLE life was meaningful…after all.



WARNING ON HAIR:                   
My dear. Let me give you a background b4 I tell u my story:

My sister inlaw came to pray with me last two years. She said she was experiencing ill luck during the week. So many nasty things happening to her.I prayed wit her and the Spirit led me to ask her wat hair she had on, she said indian. I was led to tell her to remove it and not give out but pray and burn it. She obeyed and things went back to normal. Sometime after that, I and my hubby were watching TV and saw a documentary about how ladies in India sacrifice their hair to the gods if they havE nothing else (material/worthy) to sacrifice.

My husband likes human hair. So even though I like my full dreadlocks kind of hairstyles, I give him wat he likes most times. I have done brazilian and Peruvian so thought to try smtin different and more natural… Indian. Last weekend I ordered for it and made it. Prayed on it and believed it was fine. Yesterday night, I had the strangest of dreams. I saw that I made a hair that allowed me to pack it thus project my face and make it look slimmer. All of a sudden, I got into a scam wit 3 pple and began to chase me all over the place to kill me. I got off from them narrowly then got into a market. There, a mad man began to chase me.
I escaped him narrowly then 2 rapist-thugs came after me. All the while, I felt I was carrying someone else’s face. I ran into a house with pple praying. The lady in charge there looked at me and showed me a picture of my self with my regular synthetic dread-like hair and said “but that is ur regular look, why are u carrying someone else’s face?” Then from no where another lovely lady came from outside, drew me to the corner and began to ask me about my look. She said “you are having problems with your hair right?” While she was talking, I noticed something in her mouth; a bow of cowries and the face of a Benin god, I looked closer and asked her wat it was and why she had it. She said her man likes her because of that decor in her mouth —cowries and the face of a god like a shrine in one’s mouth? and that she is comfortable. She also said that it’s beautiful
I woke up and prayed. I immediately understood what the message was but didn’t want to let go of my cute human hair that cost so much. I decided to ask my husband cos he interpretes dreams accurately. He immediately told me to remove the hair. At the same time, the Spirit told me to cut it off and not remove it gracefully cos it tried to bring me shame and pain. Cut it off, anoint my head, anoint and pray on the hair to refute all ill then not to only throw it away or give it out but BURN IT. I obeyed.

I have decided to only carry my natural hair or synthetic hair. This is bcos the Bible says; “The hair is the woman’s crowning glory”. Carrying another’s is like carrying the other person’s spirit. The worst is even Indian. Nothing wrong with Indians; They are beautiful and we loooove them especially in Films but those hairs sold are sacrifices to gods. Thus, they are cursed. There are loads of other human-looking hair made with synthetic in the market if you want that look or if you insist on wearing real human hair, try those from other Countries but pray on them and be ready to bear any consequence.

Felt to share. Love Rachel. God bless you all