Feeling good about yourself and being happy

You might have noticed that some people spread cheer wherever they go. They are amazingly positive and always pleasant. This is because they are happy with what they do and most importantly, what they are. It is only when a person feels satisfied and lives a life of fulfillment, can he feel good about himself. For that, you need to have an invincible self-esteem and take pride in what you are. Humans have a malleable mind; you can whittle it any way you want. If you haven’t really tried doing that before, it is the time you mould your mind in a way to beef up your self-image and feel good about yourself. Steer clear of all negative thoughts or doings. This often has serious implications on the way you think. Frustrated, demoralised people are more prone to depression and other psychological disorders and often develop suicidal tendencies. So, it’s best to evade all negativities and make it a point to feel good about yourself. This article will help you with tips on how to make yourself  happy. Read on. 

How To Feel Good About Yourself 

Always Be Happy
You should always try to keep yourself happy. There may be difficult situations to confront, but realize that those situations are not permanent, difficult times shall pass. Optimism is the only thing that can drive your life forward. You should be aware of your thoughts—never allow any negative thought to dominate your mind and brain. 

Build Self-Esteem
Work on building your self-esteem. Remember, unless you value yourself, no one else would value you. Always make sure that you give your best to everything you do.  Build self-respect and reap good results.

Maintain Healthy Relationship
Maintaining healthy relationship is very important for happiness. Relationships are energy boosters, as they pep you up whenever you feel down in the dumps. It provides immense moral support that helps you overcome every difficult situation. Besides, relationships make you feel loved, cared for, and appreciated which is any day a big booster.

Change is Good
Dare to experiment! Changes are good. They are refreshing and always give you something new to explore. This avoids boredom and creates new relationships and contacts. You can also experiment with your looks and style. You may receive appreciations and comments on your make over and you can definitely enjoy it. People often feel comfortable with their regular activities and thus are stuck inside a shell. Break out of the shell and explore the possibilities around you.

You are as beautiful as you feel. It is important that you maintain your body with care. You should eat healthy food and exercise regularly to maintain a healthy body. A healthy body is the abode of healthy mind. It is very important to be active in today’s fast pace world. You need a healthy body to utilize your competence, skills and ideas to the maximum. Weak body always makes you lethargic and takes away the enthusiasm and thus, you lose the excitement to achieve more.

Do Things You Are Good At
Utilize your skills and do things you are good at. This will provide you with confidence. Utilize the free time to develop your talents—dance, music or whatever you are passionate about. Hobbies are excellent stress busters, which absorb the stress in your daily life and make you feel fresh and good. You can also try something innovative like testing your cooking skills. All these make you feel good about what you are.

Take Breaks
In today’s busy world, you may not get enough time to relax. However, it is not good to remain continuously in stress for a long time. Schedule breaks so that it takes you off from the work atmosphere and gives you an opportunity to enjoy life. You can plan some trips if you like travelling or do what you feel like doing.

Spend Time With People You Love
This is an excellent way to make you feel good. Being amongst your loved ones provide you with the feeling of being loved and care for, which is very important in life.  We are social animals and so, we cannot survive alone. Busy work life may take you away from your close ones and gradually you may move on to a mechanical life. This is not good. Do not lead a mechanical life. Always make sure that you don’t lose those good things in life.

No Comparisons
Never compare yourself with others. This one mistake can destroy the happiness and peace in your life. Why should you think about others? You should design your life and live it according to your wish. Different people have different situations around. Success and failure are relative. Do not bother about them and try to be happy about what you have.

Create Your Own Style
You can always create your own style to standout from others. The only thing you should consider is that it should be sensible. If you have a good sense of the current fashion and trends, it won’t be a big task to create your own style. This experiment may help you to create a different impression in others and you will be confident enough to present yourself in a group.

Accept Compliments And Criticisms
Acknowledge your acceptance whenever someone says something good about you. If someone says that your new hairstyle suites you, just say a ‘Thank You’ just to show that you accepted it. There may be situations you face criticism. Try to take it in the right way. Respect the other persons thought and do not feel bad. If someone criticizes you, then sort those criticisms into one of the following three piles (in your mine) – “not valid,”” “not a moral fault but worth putting in correction” and “I’m not going to change that one”, This will help you deal with criticisms effectively.

Do not hesitate to laugh. It is the best medicine that can make you feel light and happy within matter of seconds.  Also, try to cheer yourself up whenever you feel low. Listen to comic videos, watch movies, read books or do anything you like.

Feeling good about yourself is very important to develop confidence and self-esteem. It keeps your life lighter and makes you happy and pleasant every time. It relieves your tension and fills you with a positive energy. Follow the tips mentioned above and always feel good about yourself.


What do you really want?

Have you ever noticed an internal conflict in your own thought process about what you want out of life? Sometimes, these can be pretty simple conflicts: some part of you wants ice cream and another part wants to lose weight.
When you ask people what they want, you get varying answers.
For the most part, people tend to list all kinds of things they want. Cars, houses, money, and toys of all sorts frequently come to mind for most individuals. All pretty understandable, really.
If you dig into the what-do-you-want question with a bit more resolve, you might find yourself coming up with some large buckets of life in which you would like to experience greater satisfaction or fulfillment. Typical categories include health, wealth, career, family, relationship, personal or spiritual growth, fun, adventure and the like. As you think about what you want in your life, consider these three questions:
Why do you want those things?
What do you hope will be true if you have the [job, money, house, relationship, etc.]?
What experience are you looking for if you only had the right [car, house, money, etc.]
Most people say they want more money. When asked why they want more money, or what more money would do for them, they usually say something about buying things — the house, car, travel, etc. If that’s true for you, my suggestion is that you think a bit more deeply on what you hope to experience, not just on what you hope to buy: “What positive experience or experiences would you associate with having more money?”
From here, the answers might become more interesting. If you had more money, what would you imagine experiencing? Greater freedom? Security? Peace of mind? Sense of power or success?
If you are after the experience of being secure, free and at peace, is there any amount of money (or house, or car, or perfect relationship) that will produce those experiences? Think on that one for a moment: do you know anyone of little money who seems content? Do you know anyone with tons of cash who never seems at peace, secure or happy? Of course, there are people with money and peace, just as there are people who lack both money and contentment.
The point is that there is no equation here. No amount of money produces security, or peace or fulfillment.
How do you produce what you truly want? The obvious starting point is to clarify what it is that you want in the first place. As has been written many times over, there’s an old cliché that applies every time: if you don’t know where you are going, any road will do.
So, play with this a little. If what you want is freedom, peace of mind, security, a sense of fullness or completion, and you have freedom, peace of mind, security, and a sense of fullness or completion in your life, would it matter how much money you have?
Wait a minute. Is this a trick question?
Well, yes and no. What I have found is that the more I focus on the positive experiences I want out of life, not only do I tend to produce those more frequently, but also the easier it is to produce more of the material “things” in life as well. Strangely, focusing on money hasn’t made anyone more secure or free, yet focusing on producing freedom and security has made it easier to create material success to go along with those inner qualities of success.
So, now what happens when you come to one of those forks in the road?
If your focus on what you want is more on physical possessions, then at least you have some guidance about how to choose: which fork is more likely to lead to the job, house, car, or money? However, if what you truly want is found more in the quality of experience than the quantity of possessions, then you need to make certain that you are thinking about the experiences you seek and not just the possessions you could accumulate.
Have you ever really, really wanted something, focused hard on getting it, wound up getting it and then wondered why you ever wanted it in the first place? If so, my suggestion would be to consider what matters most to you. After all, can you ever get enough of what you don’t really want?
So here we are at the fork again. How should I choose? How about choosing toward the experiences you seek? Which fork is more likely to lead to freedom, security, fun or whatever experiences you truly are seeking?
The choice is yours to make.